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Why Run Out CP Exists Today

Our Why

It did not take long after Bennett was born to notice that things were different.  He was very colicky for the first year, didn’t sleep or eat well and was substantially delayed in reaching the typical developmental milestones.  By age 1, a neurologist diagnosed Bennett with cerebral palsy.  Since then he has had EEGs, MRIs, swallow studies, genetic testing, gait and motion analysis and a complex movement disorder analysis.  This is how the medical world sees Bennett. 


We see Bennett as a loving, thoughtful and amazingly talented little boy who is a fighter through and through.  He is a boy who will not be told that he cannot do something.  He will simply ask for help to find another way to do it.  He has the determination to make things happen. The amount of work and effort he puts into everything he does is astounding.  His strength and love impacts not only us but everyone he meets. 


We are his army.  We continue to fight the good fight for him.  But we do not do this on our own.  We have so many amazing people who are helping Bennett and our family flourish (our family and friends, Amy, Kayla, Nan, Mosaic church, Coach Joel and Coach Rob, the Miracle League, Basswood Elementary).  Our number one goal is simple—to offer love and support to other families facing the same challenges through our family-orientated events.  Our second goal is to let our community know what is out there and available to them by dedicating each of our event proceeds to a local organization that helps children with special needs.  We are hoping that our small non-profit with big heart can have an impact on someone else’s family. 

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