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We are the Meiser Family

Michelle, Holger, Jameson, Bennett and Daisy.

Michelle loves volunteering, weightlifting, cheering for the Green Bay Packers, watching the boys play sports, cabin time, working with kids as a pediatric dentist and checking off things on her bucket list including Kilimanjaro.

Holger loves traveling and spending time at the cabin with the family, weightlifting, bike riding, Timberwolves basketball and creating beautiful smiles.

Jameson loves reading, basketball, baseball, downhill skiing, skateboarding, guitar, theater, tubing and gaming (of course).

Bennett loves going to the library, baseball, downhill skiing, exploring different parks, swimming/tubing, piano and imaginary play (shopping, taking trips via plane/train and being every type of rescue worker)

Daisy loves any treat with peanut butter, bacon or chicken in it and escaping her yard by crawling under the fence.  She also likes playing musical beds both day and night. 

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